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Skills Include

Card Making
​Doll Making


You only live once, why not do something you love and share it with others? Create ART! 


Ability to customize and bring customers'  idea to life in a ticklish-ly, delightful way! 

About Tickle Me Purple, LLC

Tickle Me Purple, LLC was established due to my lifelong love of creating and sharing art with others. My niece Zoey was my first "client," serving as inspiration for the creation of Zoey Dolls. Whether your little one is playing with a Zoey Doll, reading the "Zoey's World" book series, exploring a coloring page, or gathered at a paint party, we work to ensure you're tickled by TMP.


To create works of art that inspire others. 


I have been doodling, drawing, crafting, and exploring the world through art since I could hold a crayon!